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JFK Affair — Letters Auctioned

February 28, 2010
It’s interesting that on the day the greatest golfer ever held a press conference talking about his sex addiction, that our 35th President, known for his many affairs, sees 14 letters going on the auction block in Chicago.

There are three telegrams, too. I’m guessing the autograph collectors aren’t as excited by those, as the letters that are all signed by JFK, who was a young Massachusetts Senator in the French Riviera when he met 21-year-old Gunilla von Post.

Kennedy corresponded with her for a two year period, and apparently kissed her just two weeks before marrying Jackie.

Legendary Auctions once sold a lock of Elvis hair that garnered $100,000. It was later tested by a lab, and it showed traces of peanut butter and banana (I kid, I kid).

Currently, the letters are up to $42,500.

I guess the economy isn’t hurting the hardcore collectors.