Edward R. Murrow

A TLS signed "Ed" with a paraph, courtesy R&R Enterprises.

By DAVID GROSSBERG Featured in Autograph January 2009 When the Tonight Show host Jay Leno was asked why he collected cars, Leno philosophically replied that he was not collecting cars, but rather he was “collecting stories.” This belief is … [Continue reading]

Character Actors: Ronny Cox

By SCOTT VOISIN —Autograph May 2009 Ronny Cox might just be the most recognized actor in Hollywood… kind of. “Throughout my career, I’ve almost never been recognized as an actor,” he says. “People just think they know me. Someone will come … [Continue reading]

Affordable History: Dr. Sam Sheppard

Dr. Sam Sheppard – The Trial of the Century By JON ALLAN Featured in Autograph January 2008 The “Trial of the Century” is a phrase used to denote an important trial that gained widespread notice and publicity.  During the 20th Century … [Continue reading]

Book Collector: Let’s Hear it for the Boys and Their Autographs

By JOHN E. SCHLIMM II Featured in Autograph January 2008 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Named after his famous father, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has carried on his family’s mission of helping the world to become a better place. This Kennedy’s … [Continue reading]

Anthony Hopkins

Served up Rare by LAWRENCE GROBEL Featured in Autograph January 2008 One of my favorite actors is Anthony Hopkins. Sir Anthony Hopkins. He has displayed extraordinary versatility in the range of roles he’s taken, from the decent, … [Continue reading]