Book Collector: Election Aftermath

By JOHN E. SCHLIMM II Featured in Autograph January 2009 If you are waxing nostalgic for what seemed like the longest election season in history, don’t rest now—the race for 2012 has no doubt already begun, not to mention other state and local … [Continue reading]

Bookshelf: Kenneth Graham Collection

By WILLIAM L. BUTTS Featured in Autograph January 2009 The Grolier Club has again shown its consistency in publishing handsome, reasonably-priced publications worthwhile to book and autograph collectors alike. This time it’s an exhibition … [Continue reading]

In the Trenches: Politi-graphs

By JOSH BOARD Featured in Autograph January 2009 My two least favorite types of autographs to collect are politicians and astronauts. So, when about four years ago, Hillary Clinton held a book signing, I had no interest in going. She was a … [Continue reading]

African-American Political Figures

By JON ALLAN Featured in Autograph January 2009 Collecting African-American political figures has been one of my passions since I began collecting about 50 years ago. The scarcity of African-Americans elected to public office in America is … [Continue reading]

Elmore Leonard

LAWRENCE GROBEL Featured in Autograph January 2009 About 15 years ago, I flew to Michigan to do a story on Elmore Leonard, the crime writer Time magazine had called the “Dickens of Detroit” and Newsweek labeled “the best American writer of crime … [Continue reading]