Sirens: May Britt

By JEFF BENZIGER Featured in Autograph January 2009 Those who know how to reach May Britt for an autograph have one up on their fellow collectors. Having given up acting for the art canvas decades ago, the former sex-pot actress leads a … [Continue reading]

Character Actors: Robert Forster

By SCOTT VOISIN Featured in Autograph January 2009 In Hollywood, changing trends and flavors of the month often dictate the shelf life of many actors, but Robert Forster is a survivor. For nearly 50 years, he has been riding the show biz … [Continue reading]

Masters of Golf: Byron Nelson

By RON KEURAJIAN Featured in Autograph January 2009 Fabled golf writer O.B. Keeler tagged Byron Nelson with the nickname “Lord Byron” for his gentlemanly and regal nature. As one of golf’s greatest ambassadors, Nelson set what many consider … [Continue reading]

Autographs & Relationships

By PATRICK DOUGLAS Featured in Autograph January 2009 Long before I met my future wife, I was like any normal high school kid with a huge autograph collection and the occasional crush on a celebrity. While 99.9 percent of my signatures were … [Continue reading]

Jeremy Bulloch: Interview With a Bounty Hunter

By MARK J. GROSS Featured in Autograph January 2009 With blaster in hand, jetpack on his back and way too many tricks up his sleeve, the famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, of the Star Wars universe, has taken the case. I have gotten to meet … [Continue reading]