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  1. barbara elphick says:

    I have an album (Meet the Beatles) signed by the 4 Beatles with inscriptions to me – “Bobbie” (which is my nickname). There is a story about this which if you like I can elaborate in another email. Would you tell me please as to what value this album may have. Thank you for your time.
    Many kind regards

  2. vic shiloski says:

    can you possibly help me Im 83 back in 1984 in a autograph magazine
    I purchased something. can you tell what autograph magazines were being published in 1984. really appreciate you assistance

  3. Helena cooper says:

    I am hoping you can tell me if you do a magazine that I can buy. My brother has collected autographs for over 20 years and he used to buy autograph collector. We are currently on holiday in the usa and have been searching high and low for this magazine or one like it. Please can you help. Awaiting in anticipation .

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