Character Actors: Clancy Brown

By SCOTT VOISIN Featured in Autograph March 2009 Most of us think of movies and television as entertainment, but the reality is that Hollywood is a business, and everything that gets produced is made for one reason: to make money. No one understands this better than Clancy Brown. For more than 25 years, he has […]

Return to Forbidden Planet

By BOBBY REED Featured in Autograph March 2009 More than 50 years after its original release, Forbidden Planet continues to beckon fans from across the cosmos. The 1956 film has become a cornerstone of the science-fiction genre because of its top-notch production values, futuristic soundtrack and a screenplay partially inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The […]

Linda Hamilton: Signs Like a Machine

By MARK J. GROSS — Autograph February 2009 One of the biggest sci-fi films of the ’80s was James Cameron’s blockbuster, The Terminator, in which an ordinary waitress, Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, becomes the assassination target of “The Terminator”—a robot sent from the future to kill Sarah to prevent her unborn son from leading […]

Who Is Lee Correy?

By PATRICK DOUGLAS — Autograph February 2009 In his memoir the formative years of Model Rocketry 1957-1962, G. Harry Stine wrote the self observation, “It is not often that an aerospace historian has the opportunity to participate in the making of history,” that became quite prophetic to me after receiving a gift. My interest in Stine’s […]

Jeremy Bulloch: Interview With a Bounty Hunter

By MARK J. GROSS Featured in Autograph January 2009 With blaster in hand, jetpack on his back and way too many tricks up his sleeve, the famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, of the Star Wars universe, has taken the case. I have gotten to meet and interview the actor behind the mask of Boba Fett, […]