Sundance Film Festival

By NICK RUST —Autograph January 2010

Character Actors: William Sanderson

By SCOTT VOISIN Featured in Autograph January 2010 “Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.” With that line on the classic ’80s sitcom Newhart, actor William Sanderson officially became a pop culture icon. Although he would become forever identified as one of the dim-witted, backwoods siblings, the […]

Affordable History: Celebrity Politicians

By JON ALLAN — Autograph May 2009 In 1965 singer-songwriter and humorist Tom Lehrer wrote a song about entertainers in politics entitled “George Murphy,” a spoof on the recent election of that dancer-actor to the Senate. Hollywood’s often tried to mix Show business with politics, From Helen Gahagan To Ronald Reagan, But Mister Murphy is […]

In the Trenches: James Cameron

By JOSH BOARD Featured in Autograph April 2009 I’m usually out there getting autographs the hard way; outside concert venues, sneaking backstage, or waiting in a long line at a bookstore. Last spring I finally I got a few the easy way. Thanks to my stepdad, John Donovan, who played Captain Smith in James Cameron’s […]

Sirens: Loni Anderson

By JEFF BENZIGER Featured in Autograph March 2009 The 1970s were not only smoking hot from the disco dance floors, but because blonde bombshell Loni Anderson graced American TV sets and theaters, leading up to her role in the 1980s TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. She is Sirens’ first-ever look at a ’70s-’80s babe. Now […]

Character Actors: Clancy Brown

By SCOTT VOISIN Featured in Autograph March 2009 Most of us think of movies and television as entertainment, but the reality is that Hollywood is a business, and everything that gets produced is made for one reason: to make money. No one understands this better than Clancy Brown. For more than 25 years, he has […]

Character Actors: Bob Gunton

By SCOTT VOISIN — Autograph February 2009 Every actor dreams of finding success in Hollywood, but the lucky few who achieve it often discover a few strings attached. Just ask Bob Gunton. After gaining attention as part of the original 1979 cast of the Broadway musical Evita, Gunton spent the next 15 years playing a variety […]

Linda Hamilton: Signs Like a Machine

By MARK J. GROSS — Autograph February 2009 One of the biggest sci-fi films of the ’80s was James Cameron’s blockbuster, The Terminator, in which an ordinary waitress, Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, becomes the assassination target of “The Terminator”—a robot sent from the future to kill Sarah to prevent her unborn son from leading […]

In the Trenches: Jamie Lee Curtis

By JOSH BOARD — Autoghraph February 2009 One of the best comedies ever is without a doubt A Fish Called Wanda. And getting the DVD signed by its stars slipped through my hands, not once, but twice! Jamie Lee Curtis attended a fundraiser at a Balboa Park photography museum in San Diego, Calif., for which I […]

Character Actors: Ronny Cox

By SCOTT VOISIN —Autograph May 2009 Ronny Cox might just be the most recognized actor in Hollywood… kind of. “Throughout my career, I’ve almost never been recognized as an actor,” he says. “People just think they know me. Someone will come up to me and say, ‘Aren’t you from Des Moines, Iowa?’ I’ll say, ‘No, […]